Launch of my series

I am happy to say I finally managed to get things settled to make my paintings availiable !

You can now access to my Portfolio on Art majeur.

Si vous êtes dans la région, deux de mes tableaux sont en exposition permanente Place Jules Ferry à Lyon.

I had a great time during holiday to collect inspiration for other works and took the opportunity to make some little sketches on paper. I didn’t bring any paint so I bought locally two little tubes of Polycolor paint (10 ml of a deep yellow and sky blue), very smooth and yummy to paint like a child !

Couleurs de vacances : Essai de peinture vinylique sur papier

Now I am back to my studio. If you’d like to know more about it and didn’t see my Studio notes video in Art Tribe, you can still watch it HE

Have a nice holiday… Bonnes vacances !

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