Packing for november’s exhibition

I am happy to prepare myself for next exhibition, planned on 20-21 november.

I have been quite busy those days finishing some of my paintings : last minute processing, sealing, varnishing, and ordering new frames. First one is a paper sealed on canvas so I chose a gloss vanish, the others are wood panels so I preferred the use of wax. Ordering frames was quite tricky because some black ones happened to be out of stock. I quite like the natural one for the darkest piece, and the white frame make the lastest shine more, so it’s gone to be a selection set (still waiting for delivery for the last two) !

Climate change
Climate change
Before the impact
Before the impact

Je serai les 20 et 21 novembre au Salon des Arts à Oyonnax, vernissage le vendredi 19/11/21.

Mes tableaux sont disponibles à la vente sur Art majeur.

In the meantime, I had to travel for work so I took the opportunity to visit Fabre museum in Montpellier. They organised a night exhibition every thursday in octobre so I was really lucky to be able to attend to United sates of abstraction about american arstist in France between 1946 and 1964.

HERE is a link to Joan Mitchell paintings I had the opportunity to admire, but also many other great artists !

Joan Mitchell
Shirley Jaffe
Alfred Russel
Jean Paul Riopelle
André Pierre Arnal

Next post I tell you more about it…. This is still quite new for me but if you have any question about it please email me, I’ll be glad to share (currently trying to get some visit cards printed) !

Salon des arts

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