February workshops

After finishing my last set of works, I needed a small break to collect inspiration for next series.

Renouvellement de mon mur d’inspiration.

II was also willing to practive painting with water mixable oils, so I alternate four of those, while going on with two acrylic paint while they dry. Works in progress…

Acryliques et huiles à l’eau : inodore, sans solvant mais des pigments plus brillants pour ces dernières !

A voir ou revoir sur YouTube Start to finish new video !

Free workshops

Next month I am glad to attend two online workshops I recommend highly. Both are free and you ‘ll find links below :

If you paint realistically, you might try to take Gabriel Lipper’s free course. But even though you want to make abstract art he is a fabulous master of colours.

You can join HERE for workshop from February 5th to 11th.

The following week I will also join Nicholas Wilton’s free 5 day workshop which begins on February 14th.

You can join HERE for a short short but great experience on 3 key principles for bold abstracts.

See you there !

Atelier en ligne gratuit avec Gabriel Lipper – Dessin et couleurs/ Hiérarchie/ Discernement, du 5 au 11 février

Atelier en ligne gratuit avec Nicholas Wilton – Formes/ Valeurs/ Couleurs, du 14 au 21 février

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