Open studio

Multiple exhibitions last year left me with little paintings, and I felt the need to find myself back to the studio this year. Left alone I’ve seen new ideas, new energy emerge… Now it is time to comme back and show my work, so I decide to open my doors.

Multiplier les expositions l’an dernier m’avait laissé peu de toiles, et le besoin de me retrouver seule avec ma peinture s’était fait sentir en début d’année. De fil en aiguille, j’ai vu émerger de nouvelles choses, de nouvelles énergies… et l’envie m’en revenue de présenter mes oeuvres.

All this month was dedicated to finishing my series, framing, varnishing. And last week I received my just printed flyers for next month ! Those last journeys have been about wandering around to distribute them.

Ce sera l’occasion de découvrir mes nouvelles séries, petites et grandes.

With new paintings piling up I didn’t have much room to prepare new canvas so I took the opportunity to come back to small wood panels for new experiements.

And guess what, I fall in love with them !

Take a overview on Balthasart:
Petit format bois coloré et texturé
Physique et botanique

And 2023 bigger series can be seen on Art majeur

Venez me voir !

Stay tune !

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