The feeling of light

This summer inspiration came from the bright light all around. Even though it’s been quite windy and cold around here the need for light is alsways there. It was also time to go bigger so new works in progress include some 40×40 panels and more. the smaller ones went quicker and ended with two soft little canvas that need just one more varnish layer.

First went really fast and received several layers of glaze, I like those bright white spots. On second I pushed the darks and they both work well together.

Morning light
The seagull flight

In my attempt to scale up I also made some experiments with bold beginings on large sheets of paper. It was great fun to go through painting exercizes. with 3 or 5 minutes time limit.

Latest went further exploring the brightness of orange, and the learning of temperation with neutral greys.

Trop flash ?

Light series is still in progress… keep in touch !

Launch of my series

I am happy to say I finally managed to get things settled to make my paintings availiable !

You can now access to my Portfolio on website to see them HERE.

Si vous êtes à proximité, mes peintures sont exposées en vitrine à La Rêverie au centre-ville d’Oyonnax,.

I had a great time during holiday to collect inspiration for other works and took the opportunity to make some little sketches on paper. I didn’t bring any paint so I bought locally two little tubes of Polycolor paint (10 ml of a deep yellow and sky blue), very smooth and yummy to paint like a child !

Couleurs de vacances : Essai de peinture vinylique sur papier

Now I am back to my studio. If you’d like to know more about it and didn’t see my Studio notes video in Art Tribe, you can still watch it HE

Have a nice holiday… Bonnes vacances !

A break, a play sequence and a finish line

June was time for a small break to consider the ongoing series, and settle all I had let down during this painting spring.

I also took the opportunity to refresh myself on new playgrounds with Louise Fletcher FYJ taster course, which was great fun ! You can check my process on You Tube video HERE.

Nouvelles experimentations après une petite pause

Now I am back to the last panels in the series, getting close to the finsih line, brigging back structure through desaturated colours (and a touch of red.

Quelques finitions
et du rouge

Next will be a return to yummy soft colours… keep in touch !