Happy new year !

Chrismas holiday has been a good time for painting. After several trials, the following turned upside down and reached the final step.

Le voilà terminé !

The place beyond

In the meantime I received a new big canvas and immediately went to play with it.

See how it went on my Start to finish new video !

More of my new work below and on Art majeur.

Si vous êtes sur Oyonnax, la vitrine de La Rêverie a été renouvelée, vous pouvez passer les voir...

Je vous souhaite une très belle année, santé et bonheur pour 2022

First sales !

Last november Salon des arts exhibition was a great success. Of course I was delighted to find buyers for my art (I can tell I felt up the clouds for a while…), but I was also a great opportunity to meet so many people that show interest in my art, and obviously in my two favourite below.

Climate change
Climate change

I realize now that I was expecting this to figure out next step.

What’s next ?

So now I know, I want to go MUCH BIGGER, to move free on a surface to express myself without feeling limited by borders. This means a bigger space but I have to deal with what I have, which is not so bad actually. So first step was to paint white an old furniture to make some space on my table. And I am waiting for two big canvas I ordered for a trial.

In the meantime, I worked on a little pink relaxing series of which one came through and the others finished in cut small pieces.

Morning light – Available for sale
Geneviève Girod WIP 2111
Le studio en novembre

Disponible à la vente sur Art majeur, les petits formats sont en vitrine à la boutique La Rêverie d’Oyonnax.

Now back to my orange/blue favourite palette, I made one set based on mixing coulours and introduced new boards on other set with pure saturated colours.

Le studio en décembre

So now time for playground again, check new video on Youtube !

Variation on composition: lien vers la video (Work in progress)

Next post will be on january so I wich you a nice and warm Christmas !

Bonnes fêtes de fin d’année !

New series in progress

Light and blues

With the light comes the dark so the journey goes on with bold moves.

Climate change 50×60

Pizzicato 40×40

Canicule 40×40

The Butterfly mirror 60×50

Further works in progress :

Malström 60×50
… and more to come…

Un aperçu de mon atelier ICI

Action painting

This is not part of the series but I spent some time and studies on action painting to warm up and free the gesture : a bonus for fun !