Learning through mistakes

Those two month were about the worst and the best. I had a hard time struggling on my bigger painting. I couldn’t manage to resolve it. Scaling up too fast appreared to be quite difficult and I couldn’t figure out was was wrong. When struggle went too heavy, I made a break with the two free workshops I mentioned last time, and the review of last year notebook made me realize I had made two big mistakes :

  • first, with scaling up, I was not using enough paint and the layers were too thin (on one of my page I had written THICK paint, just good to remind !),
  • second and biggest, I was trapped in the rush for results and lost all pleasure in the process.

So I switched my mind to something else and joined figure drawing month challenge. It was great fun to relax and loosen up with ink quick drawings.

Petits croquis d’1 ou 2 minutes, un vrai défi !

More of those inks

And back to painting I began fresh again playing with inks…

And enjoyed every minute of it with a whole new series. now in my portfolio…

April shall be a win !

I had the great opportunity to join a big exhibition in Lyon :

Très fière de ma participation aux 2ème rencontres contemporaines, Lyon, Palais Bondy

The playing sessions also helped me review small works to join two local exhibitions.

Voir les petits formats présentés à cette occasion.

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